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Terms within the search string are topic to stem matching, aside from anything included between double quotation marks. See Stem matching, beneath. For possible topics see mw:Help:CirrusSearch/articletopic. Only mainspace articles belong to subjects. E.g. articletopic:books will filter the search outcomes to articles about books. If you are searching for a straight definition of a phrase, strive our sister project Wiktionary.

If you are in search of a spot the place wine comes from pronounced "Bordo", you'll be able to strive searching for a extra basic article corresponding to "Wine", "Wine areas" (returning "List of wine-producing regions") or different wine varieties equivalent to "Burgundy" and see if it's talked about there or broderie diamant comply with hyperlinks (on this case, to "Burgundy wine", taobao usa which has several mentions of "Bordeaux", and hyperlinks to "French wine" and "Bordeaux wine"). Articles are in the main namespace, taobao english or "article house", diamond painting NZ but Particular:Statistics will present that there are numerous instances more pages on Wikipedia than there are articles on Wikipedia.

The default search area is the article space, however any namespace may be specified in a query. As an illustration, the article on Albert Einstein could seem as a "physics" article and a "biography" article. Even if it is merely attainable that a alternative may very well be created, we won't use the non-free file. If you employ Google to look Wikipedia, and click on "cache" at the bottom of any result within the search engine results page, you'll see the phrase(s) that you just searched for highlighted in context.

The Search web page is designed for presenting and refining results in a re-search loop controlled by modifying the query or the search parameters, broderie diamant corresponding to namespace. Given only at first of the question, Hunting Slingshots a namespace name followed by a colon limits search results to that namespace. Because of this prefix: should only ever be given at the last part of a search box query, and subsequent character after the colon cannot be a space.

Most operators, akin to intitle: and incategory:, ignore unnecessary areas, or gray-area, after the colon. OR Diamond Painting also doesn't behave predictably with special key phrases (like intitle:) or namespaces. Prefix is the most generally used and powerful filter as it may mimic the namespace filter, and since intitle: cannot easily goal a single web page, even together with other filters. All filters can have grey-area between them with out affecting search outcomes.

Grey-space is ignored between the words of tangible-phrase searches, between adjoining gadgets in the query, and in beginning characters of the search field query.

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